– WUSHU NOTEBOOK – 长拳组合(1)ChǎngQuán ZǔHé


长拳组合(1)ChǎngQuán ZǔHé 
ENG: Changquan Group of movemets 

video gom pic

This GoM is composed by:
1- 外摆拍脚 Wài Bǎi Pāi Jiǎo
(ENG: outer slapping cresent kick)
Video on FB https://www.facebook.com/ZhaoJieWushu/videos/1442519619184119/

2- 抡臂拍地 Lūn Bì Pāi Dì
(ENG: wheel arms, beating on the floor )

3- 抡臂砸拳 Lūn Bì Zá Quán
(ENG: wheel arms, smashing fist)
Video on FB https://www.facebook.com/ZhaoJieWushu/videos/1482436375125198/

If u wanna learn more, coming to “Long Hui” International WUSHU ACADEMY, just send us a PM or an e-mail to:

Visit our website:

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