[ WUSHU TUTORIAL ] WUSHU&NANDU technique: 后空翻 Hòu kōngfān


Learn WUSHU, NANDU & TRICKS with Zhao Jie, the World Wushu Champion.
Today we are gonna teach how to learn:

后空翻 (Hòu kōngfān)
Eng: Backflip

Part 1

Part 2

This is also a NANDU used in optional NANQUAN routine.

Nandu name: 原地后空翻 (Yuán dì hòu kōngfān)
Eng.: No-step Backflip

CODE: 364A (Abb.: YDHKF)
364A may only be connected with 蝶步 (Dié Bù)the Butterfly Stance.

后空翻 (Hòu kōngfān) by LongHui kids


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