[ WUSHU TUTORIAL ] WUSHU&Basic Movements: 棍术 GùnShù


Today Coach ZHAO JIE is gonna show a TUTORIAL for a GUNSHU 棍术 GoM.

Here we are:
摔棍 shuāi gùn
点棍 3x diǎn gùn + move the foot
提撩 tí liāo + step + 扫棍 sǎo gùn
STEP + 点棍 2x diǎn gùn + 提撩 tí liāo
点棍 2x diǎn gùn
拨棍 bō gùn
挫棍 cuò gùn
摔棍 shuāi gùn
JUMP + 摔棍 shuāi gùn
点棍 4x diǎn gùn
扫棍 sǎo gùn
选择扫棍 butterfly kick sǎo gùn


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