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“Long Hui” International Wushu Academy “龙汇”国际武术培训基地 is located in the north of China, exactly in YangYuan county (YangYuan on WIKIPEDIA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yangyuan_County ), near ZhangJiaKou City and was founded in 2016 by WORLD CHAMPION, Zhao Jie, in collaboration with the EUROPEAN CHAMPION, Cukon Angelica.

The Academy had its own dinning room and dormitory for the students of the team and for whom wants to come in here for a training course or improve his own wushu level, studying with a World and China champion.

“Long Hui” International Wushu Academy “龙汇”国际武术培训基地 is a branch of Long Hui International Martial Art Education 龙汇国际武道教育,  founded in May 2013, in Qinhuangdao, and than in Xingtai, Yangyuan, and Chicheng county.

Since 2018 “Long Hui” International Wushu Academy signed a collaboration with some professional SANDA Academy.
For training SANDA, visit our page :

Master Zhao Jie   赵杰

-M’ Zhao Jie during China Games Gunshu competition –

Name: Zhao Jie
Sex: M
Nationality: Chinese – Han
Date of birth: February 18, 1988
Speciality: Wushu – Taolu
Martial arts experience: start training at 11 years old
Address: Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau Wushu Management Center

Personal experience:

In 1999 start training at Shijiazhuang Shaolin martial arts training center
In 2002 start training at Hebei Province in Wushu-Taolu Professional Team

In 2004 won the National Youth Wushu Championship in Changquan – Dao & Gun
In 2005 got the Bronze medal ALL ROUND (Changquan, Dao-Gun) in the Tenth National Games – Wushu routines
In 2005 won GOLD MEDAL at the Eighth Wushu World Championships
In 2005 won the National Youth Wushu Championship in Changquan – Dao & Gun
In 2006 won GOLD MEDAL at the National Wushu Champions in GUNSHU routibe and got a fourth place in DAOSHU
In the same year won GOLD MEDAL in both DAOSHU&GUNSHU during the National Sports Institute Championship
In 2007 won GOLD at the National Elite Championship; SILVER in GUNSHU and BRONZE in DAOSHU
In the same year won a BRONZE in CHANGQUAN during the NATIONAL WUSHU CHAMPIONSHIP; a GOLD MEDAL during National University Games and another GOLD during the sixth edition of all cities sports championship
In 2011 won a SILVER MEDAL at the National Wushu Championship in Gunshu and a fourth place in Daoshu

In 2013, during his last competition, The 12th ALL CHINA GAMES, ZHAO JIE won a BRONZE MEDAL ALL ROUND!

ZHAO JIE also represented the Chinese National Team for cultural exchange events:
2006: to participate into a cultural exchange activities with “Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei, Malaysia”
2007: during a martial arts competition in Iran, promoting friendship between the two countries
2010: for Cultural Exchange Performance with Indonesia & Myanmar
2011: for a friendly exchange and performance activities with four African countries (Madagascar, Gabon, Nigeria and Zambia).

Official Results from The 8th World Wushu Championship here:


M° Zhao Jie on CCTV (China TV Official Page) :  http://www.cctv.com/english/special/C16296/20060907/102142.shtml

Cukon Angelica  方爱玲

我 (2)

Wushu Level: Black belt 2°duan (2004), trainer (2005)

I started train WUSHU when I was 7 (1993);

before I did Classical Dance and Gymnastic.

-1996: first medal
– Italian Champion from 1999 (reached the age to compete in Italian Championship) to 2009 and 2013
– Member of Italy Wushu Team from 2000 to 2007 and 2013


2000: European Championship – Rotterdam (Holland)
1°place: Nangun
2°place: Nandao
3°place: Nanquan

2002: European Championship – Povoa De Varzim (Oporto – Portugal)
1°place: Nangun
1°place: Nanquan
2°place: Nandao

2003: World Championship – Macao (China)
4°place: Nangun
9°place: Nanquan

2004: European Championship – Moscow (Russia)
1°place: Nangun
2°place: Nanquan
2°place: Nandao

2005: World Championship – Hanoi (Vietnam)
8°place: Nangun
9°place: Nandao
10°place: Nanquan

2006: European Championship – Lignano (Italy)

2007: World Championship – Beijing (China)
12°place: Nangun

2008-2009: One year in China – Changzhou (Jiangsu Province)

Training with Tong Hui Laoshi 童慧 老师 (上海体院大学毕业),in Changzhou TiXiao常州体校

2008-2009 NEW EVE: Called by Prof.Li Wei 李威 老师 to take part at the New Eve Show of Chengdu Sport University 成都体育学院 (Sichuan province)

August 24, 2009: on Hrvatska Televizija (Croatian National TV) during
Dobro Jutro Hrvatska (Good morning Croatia) TV program with an
interwiev (by Vesna Mimica) and wushu show.

2009: World Championship – Toronto (Canada)
Croatia Wushu Team COACH

Feb.- March 2010: Trainer of the Youth Romanian Wushu Team, preparing them for The European Wushu Championship held in Turkey.
Results for: MIHAI IOANA, 2nd place in Nanquan *category B (age 13-15)
ANDREI IOANA, 3rd place in Nanquan *category C (age 9-12)

2011: 中华武术之旅 ZhongHua Wushu zhi lv – Show by CRI (China Radio International)

For the video show you can check here 1 (croatian – hrvatski) and here 2 (chinese 中文)

2013: Last competition – World Championship – Kualalampur (Malesya)

The Accademy   培训基地

Long Hui 2018_meitu_1_meitu_2_meitu_1


Academy Rules 基地规矩:

  • Obey teachers and parents.
  • Always do your best.
  • Never say “can’t”.
  • Never give excuses.
  • Always be in uniform.
  • Respect weapons and others.


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