China’s gold tally increases to 10 at world wushu championships


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2005-12-13 00:44:38 Xinhua English
HANOI, Dec. 12(Xinhuanet)– China has gained ten gold medals since the eighth world wushu championships opened here Saturday.

Zheng Leishi from China won the men’s Nanquan(southern fist) with a score of 9.88 pints on Monday, followed by Chinese Taibei’sPeng Weiqun and Chinese Macao’s Bei Fuquan with the scores of 9.79and 9.64 respectively.

On the same day, both Cai Fengyun from Malaysia and Bui Maiphuong from Vietnam jointly scored 9.63 for the gold in the women’s Taijijian event, the first time in the championship. WhileLiu Yuqian from Chinese Taibei took the bronze with a score of 9.57.

In the Taolu competition on Sunday evening, Chinese Zhao Jie and Zhang Fang won the golds with the scores of 9.65 and 9.90 in men’s Gunshu(stick play) and women’s Taijiquan, respectively. Thesilver and bronze medals went to Chinese Hong Kong’s Du Yuhang andChinese Macao’s Jia Rui.

Wushu, an ancient Chinese defense art also known as Kungfu, is now an increasingly popular sport in the world. The 8th championship has attracted nearly 520 athletes from 57 countries and regions, the most in its history.


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