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茶 Gong Fu Cha 茶

[ENG] “LongHui” International Wushu Academy in collaboration with Gong Fu Cha APS together with the Chinese School of Bergamo (Italy) successfully organized The First Introductory Seminar of HEALTH QIGONG, known in Chinese as 健身气功 jiànshēn qìgōng.

Health Qigong (or jiànshēn qìgōng) as as well the chinese tea, are an important part of Traditional Chinese Culture, but also a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

During the seminar held at the Chinese School of Bergamo (Italy) on the 27th January 2019, we introduced also a kind of tea, which are suitable for the winter season and exactly fot the END OF JANUARY: shu pu’er 熟普洱

The reason for this success is you! ! !
Thanks to all partecipants from Switzerland, Cremona, Brescia, Bergamo!
Thanks to M°Hao Xu (Ihqa Ihqa Fed.) from Modena for coaching! ! !
Thanks to Bergamo Chinese School for the support !
Thanks to Max Dong

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