[ WUSHU TUTORIAL ] WUSHU&Basic Movements: 剑术 JiànShù

Today our student shows a TUTORIAL about

挂剑 GuàJiàn

Group of Movements:


提膝 + 挂剑 TíXī + GuàJiàn
上右腿 + 穿剑 Right step + ChuānJiàn
提右腿 + 挂剑 Raise right leg + GuàJiàn
转身 + 穿剑 Turn the body + ChuānJiàn
仆步 + 穿剑 PūBù + ChuānJiàn


One Comment Add yours

  1. Ravi says:

    Respected there.
    I have learn lot of wushu techniques through your posts. Very useful for me to update.
    Thank you very much for being dedicated manner. Thank you again.


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