[ WUSHU TUTORIAL ] WUSHU&Basic Movements: 剑术 JiànShù

Today our student shows a TUTORIAL about 背花剑 BèiHuāJiànù

Watch Out, We’re Mad!

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IN THESE DAYS WE WORKED ON A “STEP BY STEP” VIDEO TUTORIAL ABOUT THE FIRST SET of CHANGQUAN COMPULSORY ROUTINE. During the shooting of the video, the techniques and their names were also explained. Hope You can enjoy it ! Remember to follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

[ WUSHU TUTORIAL ] WUSHU&Basic Movements: 棍术 GùnShù

Today Coach ZHAO JIE is gonna show a TUTORIAL for a GUNSHU 棍术 GoM. Here we are: 摔棍 shuāi gùn点棍 3x diǎn gùn + move the foot提撩 tí liāo + step + 扫棍 sǎo gùnSTEP + 点棍 2x diǎn gùn + 提撩 tí liāo点棍 2x diǎn gùn拨棍 bō gùn挫棍 cuò gùn摔棍 shuāi gùnJUMP + 摔棍…


[TUTORIAL WUSHU] WUSHU&NANDU: 南拳 NánQuán NANQUAN 盘腿 PánTuǐis also called 旋风脚(扣)摔 XuànFēngJiǎo (Kòu) Shuāi With this VIDEO TUTORIAL we want to show up an easy learning of this NANDU The full ENG name is “Cross-leg kick in flight with full twist to land on side” and it is a GRADE A difficult movement. Its value…


1) 并 步 bìng bù 抱拳 bào quàn (Standing by combining foot + hold fists on hips) 2) 弓步 gōng bù 冲 拳 chōng quàn (Bow stance + Straight fist) 3) 弹腿 Tán tuǐ 冲 拳 chōng quàn (Flat Kick + Straight fist) 4) 马步 mǎ bù 架 打 jià dá (Horse stance + Block and hit)…

Teaching Wushu in Asia as a Foreigner: Interview with Angelica Cukon

Reposted from WuKongWushu.com Most Wushu lovers are daydreaming about going to Asia to train, at least for a few weeks, because the environment, the facilities, and of course, the high level athletes and coaches are almost all there. Sure there are amazing instructors all over the world, but they are only a few, and suffer…