International cooperation agreement!

[中] 龙汇国际培训基地外事部负责人,意大利贝加莫华人中文学校”龙汇”武术班的教练方爱玲与马来西亚御学苑(Yu Xue Yuan Academy)的世界武术冠军贝富权合作谈成功了!

[ENG] The manager of Foreign Affairs Department of Longhui International Wushu Academy, also coach of LongHui Wushu Class in the Chinese School of Bergamo (Italy), Angelica Cukon, and the World Wushu Champion, memeber of “Yu Xue Yuan” Academy (Malesya), PUI FOOK CHIEN 贝富权, successfully signed a cooperation agreement!
The first wushu training course has been arranged from the 6th to the 16th of April 2019!
With this message all the staff wanna wish a long-term cooperation between Hebei “Longhui” International Academy and Malaysia 御学苑 Yu Xue Yuan Academy .


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