WUSHU DAO&NANDAO: The names of various parts


To better understand the TUTORIALS of DAO&NANDAO and for increasing the personal WUSHU culture of those who follow us, we decided to report the names of DAO&NANDAO different parts and components.

The chinese name of SCABBARD is 刀鞘 dāo qiào.

刀的构造刀身 dāo shēn护手(盘) hù shǒu (pán)刀柄 dāo bǐng刀首 dāo shǒu 4部分.
The structure of DAO&NANDAO consists of 4 parts: blade body, guard, handle and head/pommel.

刀首 dāo shǒu:为刀柄 dāo bǐng 底端的金属套头.
The head is the metal sleeve/pommel at the bottom of the knife handle.


刀柄 dāo bǐng :为护手盘hù shǒu (pán)与刀首 dāo shǒu 之间,手握的位置.
The handle position (where is hand grip) is between the guard and the head.


刀身 dāo shēn:刀尖 dāo jiān刀刃 dāo rèn刀背 dāo bèi刀面 dāo miàn组成.
The Blade is composed by tip, blade, back and face.


护手(盘) hù shǒu (pán):为刀身与刀柄之间椭圆形盘.
The hand guard in a plate between the blade and the handle.


ONLY FOR DAO ( BROADSWORD ) —-> 刀彩 dāo cǎi (coloured fabrics)


And now showed in



WUSHU - Nán dāo (1)



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