Sword&Broadsword BèiHuā technique

Today we are going to explain the difference between Bèi Huā technique in straight swords and broadsword.

First of all, you have to know that jiàn (straight sword) is double-edged, and dāo (broadsword/saber) is single-edged, so their conformation influences the Bèi Huā technique.

As you can see in the video, during 背花刀 BèiHuāDāo/broadsword we can put the left hand on the right arm, while the flat side of the blade is resting on the left arm. 

But this is not possible for 背花剑  BèiHuāJiàn/straight sword because of its blade double-edged conformation. 

So, as Zhao Jie showed in the video, at the beginning of 背花剑  BèiHuāJiàn technique, the blade is not resting on the arm but is turning staying close to the body, not on the sharp side, but on the flat side.

If you want to know the sword/broadsword size that suits you best, I advise you to visit this WUKONG article.


“Short weapons : swords and broadswords (IWUF Regulations)

For swords and broadswords what matters is the length of the blade, not the full length including the pommel. If you go to a store, you will be able to try the weapons there, if not here is how it works.
Some websites will generally provide a size chart for each weapon, depending on the height of an individual. But this method is not perfect as everyones arm length is different even with the same full body height.

Measure the needed blade length :
Stand up, arms relaxed alongside your body. Measure the length from the center of your left palm to the middle of your ear = This is the size of the blade you should look for, for straight sword and northern broadsword.
For southern broadsword (Nandao 南刀), the blade can be slightly shorter with the tip of the blade at the same height as your earlobe.

If the height you found is in between two blade lengths, measure again, then choose the highest length of both if you found the same result. Be aware that judges will refuse you to compete with a weapon too short, but will be fine with a weapon slightly taller.


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